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Dietetician nutritionnist 

Registered dietitian nutritionist, I suggest you accompany you towards a healthy and balanced diet. My approach is based on listening to your motivations, your constraints, your tastes and habits (those you want to change, those you want to keep). My approach is totally individualized and gives pride of place to the pleasure of eating.

Graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of Dijon in Psychology and Pedagogy of Food Behaviour, I offer you my support for a more peaceful relationship with the body and food.

Well-being Diet

Do you want to gain or lose weight?

You just want to eat a balanced diet

You want to disentangle the true from the false of all the information circulating today on food

You are a woman and you do not see the weight of menopause as inevitable

You want to quit smoking and are afraid of gaining weight

You are a vegetarian and want to avoid vitamin and mineral deficiencies...

I bring you my expertise and my advice.

Therapeutic dietetics

Your doctor has advised you to consult a dietician because

you suffer from:

Diabetes (T1 or T2)


Overweight Obesity


Renal colic, kidney stones,

Intolerances, food allergies...

I bring you my expertise and my advice

Behavioral dietetics, psycho nutrition

You've been accumulating "diets" for years and they don't work. You lose and then regain weight, you are a victim of the yoyo effect, which gives you a bad image of yourself, you think that you have no will, that you will never succeed...

I can help you get out of this vicious cycle.

A graduate of DU PPCA from the Faculty of Medicine of Dijon, I practice the ACT method (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) to help you "make peace" with your body and your diet, while working on your "values" (which really matters to you and gives meaning to your life)

Understand the mechanisms of hunger, cravings, satiety, the role of stress and anxiety... to regain a healthy weight.

Useful informations

Consultation in office or at home from Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

1st consultation 

1h30 :

At the officie 60 euros

At your place : 70 euros 


Follow-up consultation

45mn : 

At my office : 40 euros

At your place : 50 euros 

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